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Community Involvement

This project brings together children and dogs and allows them to read to dogs at their own pace; the dogs don't care how long it takes, how much they may stumble on words, they just sit and lay their heads down and give their all.

Here  is Susan, owner of Fetching Frieda's, along with Margie, one of her Champion bullmastiffs, at PAWS for Reading family night in Streator.


LaSalle Canine Park Supporters

Gary Gearhart, president of LaSalle Rotary Park Foundation, receiving a check from Susan Crawford, Supporters of Friendly Canine Parks President and owner of Fetching Frieda's and staff member Shiela Leitz, treasurer of SFCP.  Supporters of Friendly Canine Parks donated $3,100 toward creating dog park areas at LaSalle Rotary Park.

Canine Park supporters 1

Fetching Frieda's is a proud sponsor of Wiggly Field Dog Park, located at 2600 Plank Road in Peru. We will continue our support by having a donation box in our store for our customers to join in support of this Dog Park!

 Wiggley Field