Fetching Frieda's Starved Rock Pet Resort - Where we care for your pet like one of the family.

Full Service Groom with Therapy Options 

Dandruff Treatment includes:  Dead Sea Mud Scrub ~~ $5 small, $8 med, $10 large

 Moisturizing Anti- Itch Treatment includes:  Oatmeal Bath ~~ $5 small/med -$10-large 

De Shed Treatment  (Special shampoo, use of deshed tool, and high velocity hand drying)$10 upcharge

Oatmeal Shampoo…….. $5 w/groom




                                                                                         Ultra Rich Conditioning

Dead Sea……….. $5 w/groom

     Mineral Mud Scrub

Bow wow Butter Balm & Paw Bubble Bath.. $8 w/groom

    Rich Paw Treatment

PlaqClnz……….. $5 w/groom

     Dental Care

Dead Sea Salt Scrub……….. $5 w/groom

     Dandruff Treatment

Flea Bath……….. $8 w/groom

     Day at the Spa Upgrade

Pick TWO Treatments PLUS Special

Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner with Yummy scent of your Choice!


All of our products are available for purchase to keep your pet fresh between visits to the spa. We have many  all natural options to keep your animal companion healthy and fresh on a daily basis, including aromatherapy mists, breath fresheners, spray on bath replacement and many herbal supplements.  Fetching Frieda's offers many grooming tools including brushes, combs, flea combs, and nail clippers.