Fetching Frieda's Starved Rock Pet Resort - Where we care for your pet like one of the family.

Have you been looking for an all natural alternative for you pets diet? Does your pet have food allergies? The pet foods we carry have been carefully researched and chosen for your pets health and in keeping with our holistic approach to pet care. Come in and discuss your diet with our friendly staff. 

Does your animal companion have health concerns you want to address more naturally? Look no further. We have literature and books to help you find the answers. We carry all natural supplements and herbal remedies for natural arthritis relief, treatment of fleas & ticks, help with food allergies, plaque build up, hot spots, shedding, even remedies to remove tear stains & help them from returning and many more.

Cheerful Pet makes a line made of 100% natural boiled wool items handcrafted for your pet. We carry rugs for your friend to lay on, coats to keep him warm and many different one of a kind toys. They have bones, tug toys, animal headzees, balls, and rings. We have other durable toys with the larger breed in mind.

For the outdoor enthusiast, we have what you need too. Keep your dog safe on the boat with one of our life jackets. Get a pair of hiking boots so your pet can hike the trails of Starved Rock with you! Take his food and water along with collapsible bowls and have him carry it in a specially designed backpack. Pick up a raincoat to keep him dry or a breathable cloud chaser to keep him warm and burr free.

Our line of pet furniture and bedding can match any decor. We carry crate mats, pillows, and custom bolsters . We also carry pet furniture ranging from natural log beds to leather and chrome sofas. Don’t see the perfect one for your best friend? We will order it for you.

STOP DOG NUDITY. While looking for ways to pamper your four-legged friend don’t forget to get them dressed up. We have dresses with matching leads, robes coats and even hats. Don’t forget about the sun! Sunscreen and sun goggles are available. We carry harnesses, leads, collars & two-dog couplers.